Woman slapped with fine for cursing in Romanian church

ASSOCIATED PRESS • January 13, 2009

BUCHAREST, Romanian — A woman who upset worshippers by swearing during a church service in Romania has been fined $126, about one-third of the average monthly salary in her country.

Police spokeswoman Bianca Albu said officers were called by priests and a candle seller to the service Monday afternoon at the Ascension Church in the city of Botosani to take action against the unruly worshipper.

Albu said the 50-year-old woman was cursing and insulting worshippers at the Orthodox church in northeastern Romania.The spokeswoman declined to repeat the woman’s words, saying only that she was fined by police on the spot for disturbing the public order in a special place by using unholy language.

Little more was known about the woman, including her motive.

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