Holocaust Deniers

Over on the On Faith Blog there is a discussion going centered around this question:

Is it better to challenge or ignore Holocaust deniers such as Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson and Iranian President Mahmoud Amadenijad? Why?

If you don’t read the On Faith Blog I recommend it highly. It is a group blog of different folks from different religious traditions, although no Orthodox presence can be found.


  1. It is better to challenge Holocaust deniers rather than ignoring them. If you ignore them, it only reinforces their thoughts on denial. On the other hand, challenging deniers informs them that they are wrong, since historical records, films, experiences of Holocaust survivors — some of whom are still living — and other factors clearly indicate that the Holocaust really occurred.

  2. Most of my family members served in the armed forces during World War II. I recall one of them telling me that he was there and saw the ovens. Most of them have gone to their eternal rest now. Making a statement that the holocaust did not exsist brings dishonor to those who fought for freedom, shedding their own blood in some cases. We need start righting the wrongs we hear and fast.

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