No that title is not an eye chart. I have discovered the most amazing pastry. This pasty must have existed in the Garden of Eden as only God could have created something so good!

Paczki is a Polish doughnut, I guess that’s what it is, is like a jelly doughnut on steroids. This is amazing and is filled with lemon or blueberry. I am not sure if they come in other flavors but those are the two I have.

I understand they are a traditional pre lent desert and once lent arrives it is bye bye Paczki. I will have to go into rehab after that.


  1. My grandmother made these when I was a youngster. They were awesome.

    She also had a really good recipe for Pierogies as well as for Kapusta (cabbage soup “on steroids”, as you aptly put it :). I have both of the recipes somewhere….

  2. They are pronounced (potski)and are enjoyed all day on “FAT” Thursday, the week before Ash Wednesday in an effort to rid of the eggs and meat derived products such as: lard. The Paczki,(potski) are loaded with eggs and lard and are deep fried, filled with lemon and blueberry jelly. Fat Thursday is the Poles “Donut” Festival. A Caloric Blowout. We sure can cook.

  3. These are very big where I live. Detroit has a large Polish population, and most people from around the country that I talk to have no idea what these are. Too bad for them!

    Everyone around here pronounces it “POONCH-kee.”

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