Governor of Massachusetts Goes High Tech

This is a great article on how the Government is using the modern technology to keep us all informed. I joined the Governors Facebook page as well as his Twitter page.

Beacon Hill goes digital – LOL
Boston Globe

In the meeting rooms and corridors of the State House, he’s known as Mr. Governor or, when formal settings dictate, His Excellency. But to Governor Deval Patrick’s more than 9,000 Facebook friends he’s known alternately as D Pat, DP, or Uncle D.

Some state senators are so focused on tapping away on their BlackBerrys, even during debate, that the Senate is considering banning the practice. Senate Republicans recently launched their own blog.

But other state officials, including Senate president Therese Murray and Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill leave the high-tech stuff to their aides. A BlackBerry for the new House speaker, Robert A. DeLeo? Not anytime soon. His staff says he is “a habitual cellphone user,” but nothing more.
In an age when most middle-school students are conversant in Twitter, Flickr, and Flotzam, leaders in state government demonstrate widely varying degrees of technical proficiency, giving the most wired elected officials an edge in the new political dialogue.

“Technology is really revolutionizing the way we communicate with people and the way they communicate with us,” said Senate minority leader Richard Tisei, who last month issued a Republican response to the governor’s State of the State speech – via video on YouTube.

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  1. I think the Governor should focus more on the Crisis in this state instead of playing around on FaceBook. But then again, he may be able to get some good advice from the citizens of the state.

  2. Monique,

    I cannot imagine that we sits at his desk, as I am now, and updates his facebook status. However it is important for our leaders to be acdessible to the public. One thing that people want is openess in governement and this is one way to do that. I think your point about advice is good as well as long as he is listening.

    It is amazing how word spreads on Facebook, twitter, plurk, and the other sites and how effective it is to getting the word out. Check it out if you are not a member.

  3. You’re right, word does spread fast on facebook and other social networks. I do have a facebook page and will have to look the Governor up. I just get very frustated at times – and this happens to be one of them. Now he is looking to revisit the casino issues? I don’t think that is a good idea during these times.

  4. all these modern convinences are great when put into the proper context.To many people spent way to much time with these tech tools to the annoyance of those around them.When ever i go to resturants and preople are sitting together one person answers their phone and talks,totaly ignoring the person they are eating with,this is rude and i would not put up with it i would walk out,also why should someone during a meeting be texting anyone, your being paid to pay attention to what is being said to you especially rep. who pass bills for the state,i want to make sure they are fully informed on what they are saying yes or no to.people need tech etiquette.One day i was at a store and the lasdy in the next aisle was talking to the dmv and giving out all kinds of private info.,like her social security and drivers liscense number,lucky for her iam an honest person.linda

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