I will never understand this need that some people have to gossip. Is it that they do not have enough to do or that their life is so filled with misery that they have to fill other peoples lives with misery? Are they so shallow that this is all they can concern themselves with? If you want to know what I think or what I said, ASK ME! Oh wait that is too difficult why go right to the source when you can make up your own stories to fill your shallow lives! Yes I am angry, and disappointed. Being a priest is hard enough without all of this made up stuff to add to it. The biggest one that still goes around town is that I did not visit someone in the hospital. This has caused me no end of pain and suffering when I clearly went. But the truth does not seem to matter to some people.

I have lost count the number of times I have been a target of such gossip and how destructive it is not only to me but to the person who is doing it. Gossip my friends plain and simple is a SIN, oh no I mentioned a SIN.

This gossip has ranged from things I have supposedly said, thoughts I supposedly have, one time there was a rumor that I had become the bishop of Alaska! I have to admit I kind of liked that one, but I did not even know I was a candidate.

We have less a week into lent and already the wheels have come off the wagon. Now I have to spend my day putting out fires once again. We have a beautiful day planned with Dr. Al Rossi from St. Vlad’s about living Lent in the Family, and I am going to spend my day on this nonsense with the very people who should be here listening to this retreat.

I have many things on my mind including a visit from my Archbishop this weekend and hosting a deanery meeting and now I have to deal with rumor and innuendo. All I have to say is get a life and leave mine alone!

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  1. people gossip because it makes them feel important and in control.If they are not ripping people apart they feel no self worth or value.All I can say is the closer we get to God the more evil comes out around us to try and get us to quit what were doing,Hang in there fr.you have people who stand behind you and supprot you,but its always nice to find out about these things so you can put the fires out,thank heavens your a fireman.linda

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