Pray for me

What a week we have coming up here at the church, here is the Schedule:
Today – Lent Retreat from 11:30 – 5pm followed by Vespers
Tonight His Eminence arrives for a pastoral visit. Had to send a parishioner to get him at the airport.

Tomorrow – Sunday of Orthodoxy Liturgy with His Eminence, celebration of a parishioners 100th birthday, recognition of several parishioners for work they have done, small meal after church in honor of said people. Dinner with the parish Council and Archbishop at 5:30pm, then I hope sleep!

Monday – Meeting with Archbishop in the morning then the clergy from the Deanery arrive for a two day series of meetings here at the church. So include Tuesday in that mix as well with a trip to the airport with the Archbishop.

Wednesday – Breakfast meeting at 6:45, fire chaplains meeting from 10-2pm, presanctified liturgy and dinner at 6:30.

Thursday – Father Peter Live at 12pm.

Man I thought the clergy only worked one day a week! Going to be long and tiring but I will love every minute of it. So say a prayer for me and I will for you!


  1. consider it practice for holy week,kind of spirital exercises if you will.hang in there sat. is over and the retreat went well. good job.linda

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