Prayers Please

UPDATE: Larry was Elected today in the Second Ballot. AXIOS Bishop Elect Larry!

A very close friend of mine, Larry, is standing for election as the Episcopal Bishop of Long Island, New York today. I am not sure what time the election is but it will be held sometime today. There are seven well qualified candidates and I ask your prayers for Larry, his wife Jean, and his entire family. I have no doubt that Larry would make a great bishop. He has been the Chief Fire Chaplain here in Massachusetts for all of the years I have been involved in the Corps of Fire Chaplains and he is a man of integrity and a wonderful leader I am sure he is just what the Diocese of Long Island Needs.

In the extensive ramp up to the election today he, and all of the candidates, were asked many questions. I read over those questions and answers last night on the website of the diocese and the one that sticks in my mind is the question that ask about why you want to be bishop. The answer is classic but is classical Larry as well. He answers that he does not WANT to be bishop of Long Island he feels he is being CALLED to be bishop of Long Island! You go Larry!

That is what it is all about being called. I know that some people fight to become bishop and yes it even happens in our own Orthodox Church. Some feel they can do a better job then others can and other just want to pointy hat. Another example of this, I have a catholic friend of mine that I went to seminary with. Recently he was asked to leave his assignment and go to Washington, DC to Catholic University for studies in Canon Law. This is a great honor and knowing this man the way I do I know he did not seek this. In fact if you seek something like this you usually end up watching other go and you stay home. Anyway, when it was announced his so called friends were outraged that he was chosen and not them. Sad that they could not be happy for their friend and fellow priest, also sad that they are so filled with their own jealousy that they could not be happy. Oh well!

So please pray for Larry today and I will announce the results here as soon as I hear them.
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