Moses statue toppled

WORCESTER — The recently restored statue of Moses that was moved into the new Worcester Trial Court building last month was heavily damaged about noon today when it was knocked over by a man who was then taken into custody by authorities.

The 8-foot-4-inch plaster cast replica of Michelangelo’s famous marble sculpture was pushed off its platform onto the floor and appeared to have sustained heavy damage. The statue, which had been in the old courthouse at the north end of Main Street for 97 years, was relocated to the new courthouse at 225 Main St. March 10, after undergoing about $18,000 in restoration work paid for by the Worcester County Law Library Trust.

“Oh my God, I don’t believe it,” Suzanne Hoey, head law librarian, said as she surveyed the damage and took photographs of the statue. “They’re not going to be able to fix this,” she said.

Information about the man charged with the vandalism was not immediately available.

From the Worcester Telegram


  1. It does not surprise me that a man knocked over the statue of Moses in the Worcester Trial Court building. Americans are becoming more violent and showing less respect for other people’s property. Television has probably fueled this trend, because of the plethora of violence shown on many shows, and especially in movies today. I believe that the man who knocked over this statue should be sentenced to several years in prison. A harsh sentence might serve as a deterrent to others from committing similar acts.

  2. all this because a 20 year old man,upset because he had an outsanding speeding ticket,was not allow to renew his drivers license.maybe with his temper its better if he’s not on the road.
    The man has a history of mental issues and is under observation.
    All I can say is nothing a few anger management classes wouldn’t hurt.linda

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