What a Week!

This will be a quick post before I dash off to cover my first ever NASCAR event. I know what am I doing covering NASCAR, well that is a story for another day but I have embraced my inner red neck. Someone told me that we all have redneckness in us and it is up to us to embrace it or not. For now I am choosing to embrace the redneckness inside of me… YE HA!

Okay glad I got that out of my system.

This past week was my first week hosting the morning show on WESO 970 am in Southbridge. What a wild ride that was. It is not as easy as it looks, or sounds, and I have much to learn. If you have been listening drop me a note and let me know what you thought, what I can change, what you would like me to discuss, etc. More local news, less local news, etc. So I continue on Monday.

I promised last week that I would post about the Kirkin of the Tartans ceremony last Sunday and I have not done so. I promise that I will before the weekend is out. Monday is Tartan Day here in the US so I will post about that as well. That will be much of the show on Monday.

Holy week begins for my Western friends and family so I wish them a blessed and holy holy week. For us Easterners we have another week. I think we do it this way so we can watch what the West does and then copy it, I don ‘t know. Anyway lost going on.

Okay off I go! YE HA! (I could not resist)


  1. LOL on the YEHA! |That was awesome Father!

    I have been listening to your radi show and I enjoy it. Yesterdays with Dick Vaughn was nice…it was like you two were just talking amongst yourselves with no listenrs…I liked that!

    Keep up the good work Father!

  2. ride um cowboy,just no sofas on the front lawn at the church please.cause you might be a redneck if you did that.linda

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