1. When you are removed from the common people you forget about common sense.The more cloistered and closed off you are the more out of touch you become.What happened to preaching and saving souls.linda

  2. Every marriage has their moments, this one has lasted close to thousand years. The problems are aired quickly and universally. The truth is if they can love each other in this manner, expessing freely what is on their minds, the marriage will continue because of forgiveness. Silence will indicate that all is loss. This seems not to be the case. Prayerfully it will all be worked out.

  3. Laura, you have a point; however, a good many of these conversations need to be taking place behind closed doors, not through the media.

  4. Fr. Gregg: I’m all for privacy, and that is what the problem seems to be, everyone is getting in on what should be delicate conversations.

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