Update on Mom

If you follow me on either Twitter or Facebook you know that yesterday afternoon I received a call from my father that my mother had yet again gone to the hospital. She had gone to the doctor for a follow up to a procedure she had earlier in the week and was not feeling well so the doctor had her sent to the emergency room.

I just got off the phone with her and she is home and feeling a little better. She is having trouble standing on her own two feet for very long and they told her she needs to drink more water and eat regular meals. So the mending begins.

Thanks to all for your prayers and this shows why facebook and twitter are such great tools. In a moment of hearing the news I posted and I got word that people were praying. Odd thing is just before I posted my friend Huw posted about his dad having a heart attack and he did the same thing and in an instant prayers were being said all around the world. This is why I belong to all of these social networking sites. Keep those prayers for Huw’s dad Walter and my mother Barbara if you would.


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