Miss California

I was trying to avoid commenting on a beauty pageant on these pages since I believe my time can be better spent on, oh I don’t know, real things.

Anyway you know the story. At some beauty pageant a contestant got a question regarding same sex marriage. Well she answered the question truthfully and lost the pageant. She is now blaming her loss on her answer to the question because the person who asked the question happens to be gay. So she lost by one vote?

Okay when did beauty pageants become about anything more than blond hair and bathing suits? Why do we care what some beauty queen thinks about anything other then what evening gown to wear? Now she tells us she is being attacked because this Christian girl posed nude when she was 17 and the photos have leaked.

Now I am trying not to judge anyone here and I believe in forgiveness and that is the business we are in, forgiveness. Don’t be out there all telling people that the big bad media are smearing you because you are a Christian. No they are smearing you because when you were 17 you took your clothes off for a photographer and since they leaked and you are so naive that you did not think they would, and so now you need to blame someone so attack the media.

Little note, before you go all apple pie and ice cream on us and claim to be squeaky clean, burn the negatives. You have no one to blame for this but yourself. All actions have reactions and we may not agree with them but something you did when you were 17 will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Dr. Phil did a story about a year ago about girls gone wild and posting the pictures on My Space. He had college recruiters and headhunters on the show who said that the first thing they do is google people now and see what comes up. Again Miss California you have no one to blame but yourself for this.


  1. i think when your 17 years old you are not an adult and your gardians should get in trouble for allowing such photos,this is no different then myle cyrus.
    Next if you want christians to stand up then christians need to backed by christians.suposedly we believe in traditional marriage.
    Even St.Paul was no saint when he started out.linda

  2. If a girl posed nude when she was 17, she should not have entered a beauty contest. She should have realized that her nude photos could come back to haunt her. I remember when Vanessa Williams won the Miss USA beauty pageant about 25 years ago, she had to relinquish her title, because she had posed naked for a girlie magazine. The point is that these girls cannot have it both ways. If they posed nude — usually because they were paid for doing so — then they have no business entering a beauty contest.

  3. As you say, if you want to be squeaky clean, burn the negatives!

    I think the question on gay marriage didn’t belong in a beauty pageant, although she answered vaguely enough to do any “world peace” Queen proud. But if the pageant is to allow such questions then, yes, she’s going to be judged on her answer.

    As I keep saying to people, if you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t have one.

    Actually, as I typed this comment a thought dawned on me: the winner would probably be put on the spot by tough questions over and over again during her year-long reign. Better to ask now first and vote her out than to realise too late that she’ll give answers than will embarrass the crown and the ad sales (etc).

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