I was not able to watch the President’s speech from Notre Dame today but I have been reading about it online. I was also following several people who were tweeting during the speech as well. Regardless of what he had to say, and this post is not about that, what amazes me is the total lack of respect for the President of the United States. Weather you agree with his policies or not he is still the President of the United States and he should be referred too as either President Obama or Mr. Obama. To simply refer to him as Obama is disrespectful to him and to the office of the President.

Now before you go off on me and leave nasty comments be warned I said the same thing about President Bush. I did not always agree with is policies but he was President and he deserves that respect. This goes to the larger topic of respect in general.

What I was growing up adults were Mr. or Mrs. Some of my friends would say Sir or Mam and I thought this was nice. My dad goes over to a friends house every morning for coffee. When I am home I usually go with him and we watch the stock market and chat about stuff going on. Even though I am 42 years old now I would not dream of calling him or his wife by their first names I still refer to them as Mr. or Mrs.

Another example would be there first year I was teaching and I was subbing at different schools. I ended up at the High School I graduated from. Some of the same teachers that I had when I was in school were still teaching there. We were in the teachers room having lunch one day and I was saying Mr. this and Mrs. that and they were chuckling and said I could call them by their first names. I said I did, you are Mr. Smith and you are Mrs. Jones. Another Chuckle.

So there it is common respect is what I am talking about. Not just for the President but for all. It cheapens all of us if we loose respect.


  1. Most young people today have little — if any — respect for older people. Moreover, they think it is “cute” to call adults by their first name, rather than addressing them by Mr. or Mrs. I believe that this lack of respect is related to the parents’ upbringing of these young people. The fact is that too many parents want their children to be their “friends;” therefore, these parents do not want to lose their close relationship with their children by reprimanding them when they fail to show respect for adults. Unless many more parents instill in their children moral values and respect for adults, I am afraid this dilemma will continue to prevail.

  2. Its not just the parents you need to blame but also the school system.I know people whose children are taught by the teachers to call them Miss/Mrs first name or Mr.first name.When I was a kid in school we would have gone to the principle office if we called a teacher by their first the teachers encourage the kids to use their first name.Its time to use some private school mentality.linda

  3. Well said Father. You must show respect, and I agree totally with calling President Obama just that…President Obama. I respect my elders and will not call anyone by their first name until told to. For example, I would not call my in-laws by their first names until they told me so…it was always Mr. & Mrs. Manna. Now I call them Mother Manna & George :o)

    Respect also earns respect…from EVERYONE! I, along with my ex-husband have taught our kids to show respect to their elders. Until they are told otherwise, they will call their elders by Mr. or Mrs. or Mam or Sir…or excuse me :O)

    Personally though for me, I would rather be called by my first name, so I will let people know that right up front.

    As for the first comment by George, he hit the nail on the head I think " Parents want to be friends first" You need to be a parent first to your children, then a friend…your children will respect you more for that…

    Good Post Father!

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