Iran Interview

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Joining me on tomorrow’s show during the 8:00 hour will be Jeff Addicott, director for the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University School of Law he will be on the show to explain the Iranian election system and what the results mean. “Iran’s revolution in the late 1970’s replaced a secular government with a religious dictatorship headed by Islamic mullahs. These mullahs control all aspects of the national life – legal, social, government. For example, the mullahs screen all candidates to determine who is even allowed to ‘run’ for any elected office. In short, any election is rigged from the very start.” Addicott says, “Ahmadinejad probably did win the popular vote but there is no doubt that all the counters’ were handpicked by his people. He is a dictator. The ‘election’ process is for domestic and international consumption – much like the ‘elections’ held for Saddam Hussein.”

So tune in tomorrow from 7-9am WESO 970 am or to listen online.

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