Bishops Run Amuck!

I usually do not wade into the inner workings of other diocese but this just takes the cake. It seems that the latest round of bishops that are unwilling to give up some power or to act like Christians have struck close to home. I have a good friend, I call him that because we went through some stuff together, he went to seminary and is now told that his ordination has been canceled.

A few years back I was in a diocese and the bishop did the same thing to me two weeks before I was to be ordained a deacon. So I know how he feels. This is just another in a long line of bishops not behaving very well. I am sure others feel they did the right thing but I feel otherwise. It is time that we have unity in the country or there will be nothing left to unify. Bishop are running amuck and things need to change.

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  1. Some times things happen for a reason either to strenghthen our resolve or show us a new direction.
    I agree the bishops are being stupid I'm not sure if its all about the power,lack of compassion or fear of change.which ever,it is wrong to play with peoples lives like that.This person worked very hard to become a priest and should be shown some respect.I understand where he is coming from when I went to nursing school they would not tell us until the last day if they would let us graduate.They would say "We will not let you graduate if we don't think you are safe."Nice for them but what about the poor person who spent all this money to go to school only to find out they did not make it and would have to start the whole school year over again next year.Its wrong to do that to people.linda

  2. It is time for American Bishops — especially American Orthodox Bishops — to end their "better than thou" attitude, by treating the priests and laity of their Church with the respect that they deserve. Amen.

  3. Well, when you dress a guy up to look like a Byzantine Emperor, stick him in the middle of the church, and everybody chants, in effect, "May you live forever, Master"…

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