The World is Starving

Brian McLaren is someone I have grown to respect over the last year or so and I have read many of his books and read his blog on a regular basis. Today he has a post on the new report that has been released by the UN on the fact that one in six people in the world is starving. This is an outrage and something that the rest of us should feel outrage about as well.

Here is a link to the report and a link to Brian’s book Everything Must Change


  1. I agree that we need to do something,the problem is when money is given to a goverment it dosn't go to the people it goes to the black market to be sold and many countries refuse to allow aid workers in to deliver the food to the people.So what can you do?linda

  2. Because one in six people in the world is starving, I believe that the United Nations has a responsibility to provide food to poor nations to alleviate this problem. If all the member countries of the UN contributed at least one million dollars annually — in order to purchase and distribute food to poor nations — this sad situation could be ended, or at least lessened significantly.

  3. I'm sorry to say that some animals eat better than people do. The commercials reflect how some are idolized. They have insurance and ambulance service is provided. I've seen people jailed because they are starving but the crime is that their animal was not fed. Things are very strange, I think…

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