Israeli government responds to President Obama’s speech in Cairo

JERUSALEM, Israel (BNO NEWS) — The Israeli government released the following statement in response to Barack Obama’s speech to the Muslim world on Thursday.

“The Government of Israel expresses its hope that this important speech in Cairo will indeed lead to a new period of reconciliation between the Arab and Moslem world and Israel.

We share President Obama’s hope that the American effort heralds the beginning of a new era that will bring about an end to the conflict and lead to Arab recognition of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, living in peace and security in the Middle East.

Israel is committed to peace and will make every effort to expand the circle of peace while protecting its interests, especially its national security.”

Your Host notes: I am just now reading the speech and hope to post some thoughts latter on today.


  1. The Israeli government is hoping that President Obama's speech in Cairo will lead to a new period of reconciliation between the Arab world and Israel. While Israel is committed to peace, the same cannot be said of some Arab nations. The fact is that several Arab radical groups do not want peace with Israel, since their goal is to wipe Israel off the map. Whether President Obama's speech will have a significant impact in restoring a long-term peace in the Middle East remains to be seen.

  2. We are not 911 of the world.We need to give our input then step aside and let these countries work things out for themselves.linda

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