Octuplets Mom Gets Reality TV Show

If you read these pages you will know that your host is a big fan of reality TV. Okay I know how stupid it can be and I do not watch the shows that try and match people up, but I do watch Survivor, The Amazing Race, the cooking reality show and some of the others. Now we see the Octomom getting her own show I find this totally outrageous. The only upside to this is that she will get off the welfare and get a real paycheck so good for her, but this has to be the stupidest thing ever.

The report says that a Dutch company has signed her to do the show but has not sold it to an American network yet, but I am sure that will happen soon. She has 12 kids! When is she going to have time to do anything?

Now as someone who is pro-life I should applaud this woman for what she has done, but there has to be a limit and she did it the artificial way, it is not like she ended up this way this was intentional!

I think it is irresponsible for TV to celebrate this type of thing, as I think it is wrong and the woman should actually loose some of the kids and the doctor who did the procedure should loose his license for being stupid, but if that was a requirement then where would we be.

Anyway, I will not watch but I am sure people will and I am sure it will be a hit!


  1. This whole thing is being played out by the Show John and Kate plus 8 and 19 children.Its all crazy to me.John and Kate used a fertility drug which caused their multiples and the family with 19 children belong to some religion and they had each of their children one by one.This is explotation of these children.They are the ones who have to be on tv so their parents can make money off them.John and Kate get $50,000 an episode for their family and have signed on for 40 more episodes even though their marriage is falling apart.Its time for these networks to see if what their doing is for the good of the family.Oh by the way child services is getting involved in this,they are looking to see if child labor laws are being violated.linda

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