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I think it is time for Senator Kennedy to resign from office. That right you heard me right I believe it is time for Senator Kennedy to resign from office.

I also believe that Senator Kennedy has been great for Massachusetts. I don’t always agree with him and his stand on some issues but he has been great for Massachusetts. His family has a long history of service to the country and we need to honor him for his, and his families service to the country.

Today the US Senate took the historic vote to confirm a new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and Senator Kennedy was not present because of his illness. He has missed many of the votes in this session and is sure going to miss the health care debate that he has been on the forefront of. I am not being represented in the Senate to the full extent right now and it is time for his to resign.

Senator, we honor your life of service to America and her people but do the honorable thing and resign so someone who is healthy can represent Massachusetts in the United States Senate.

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  1. Sen. Ted Kennedy has represented Massachusetts in Washington, D.C. for nearly 50 years. He has done a superlative job as the Bay State's senior senator.

    Unfortunately, Sen. Kennedy has missed many days in the Senate, since he was diagnosed with having a cancerous brain tumor over a year ago.

    I believe it is unlikely Sen Kennedy will resign from the Senate, despite his illness and his failure to attend many Senate sessions. Sen. Kennedy is just too perseverant in serving his constituency to even consider resigning.

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