Accidentally on Purpose

Okay I am back from retreat and ready to take on the world! One good thing about retreat is you get to charge your batteries and pray, read, and think… A lot!

So the fall TV season is soon to be upon us and the first new program I am taking aim at is the one in the title above. This show will be on CBS. Here is the shows description from wikipedia:

Accidentally on Purpose will follow Billie, a San Francisco movie critic in her 30s, who gets pregnant after an affair with a man named Zack (Jon Foster) who is in his 20s. To make matters more complicated, Billie has decided to keep both her baby and her new beau. And on top of that, she just broke up with her boss, James,who wants to resume their relationship after being humiliated.

Thanks to this unexpected arrival, Billie and Zack have agreed to live together platonically. While Billie receives encouragement and advice from her party girl best friend Olivia and her conventional younger married sister Abby, she also has to deal with Zack’s freeloading friend Davis, among others, when they start turning her place into a frat house, leaving Billie to question whether she’s living with a boyfriend, a roommate, or if she just has a second child to raise.

Okay first off she is keeping the baby that is good. However, I have highlighted a few key passages from this description, after an affair, broke up with her boss, living with a boyfriend! This kind of TV needs to stop. We need to write to CBS and the sponsors of this program and demand that they remove this trash from TV. This is the problem with society today we glorify this kind of activity when we should be calling it what it is… wait for it… SIN!

I hate to be the first one to say it but sex outside of marriage is WRONG! Living with your boyfriend is WRONG! 80% of marriages that begin with living together end in divorce. We need to band together and stop this trash TV. Sorry to be so blunt about it but we stopped talking about sin and this is what it has come too. I have been silent on these issues far too long and that is going to change. Rise up good people and take back the airwaves!

Recently there was a news story about Glenn Beck supposedly calling Pres. Obama a racist. I don’t know if he did and I don’t care if he did. But there was such a hue and cry that 35 of his sponsors bailed on him. Let’s see if we can do the same thing.

Stay tuned I will be watching to see what else is trash!

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  1. While it is agreed there do need to be more "Family Friendly" TV Shows on for children, I think that some kids see this as a norm in their lives now. I am guilty of living with a man before marriage and having children out of wedlock. You "somewhat" described a part of me in your blog. I think I turned out pretty well, and my children are doing very well. I have been divorced and remarried. It is up to the parents to teach their kids. This show sounds like it will be on at nine or after so there will be a lot of young children in bed already, so they will miss it. Myself, I miss the shows like "Everyone Loves Raymond" "The Cosby Show" "Fraiser" But when you look back on shows like this they all had "sex" or a form of it played into the show. The kids on the Cosby show kissing their girlfriends or boyfriends. Everyone Loves Raymond the brother living with his Girlfriend before marriage, Fraiser almost always had a girlfriend sleeping over even the father did. Not to mention the brother had a thing for the housekeeper when he was married. I admire what you are trying to do and I hope you find some success with it.

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