As reported earlier I am off today on retreat. Well a mini retreat of sorts. I am heading down to South Canaan, PA to St. Tikhon Monastery. I have always wanted to go to St. Tikhon because the monastery is the resting place of one of my all time favorite American saints St. Alexis Toth.

On my altar st St. Michael’s I have a relic of St. Alexis and I pray to him daily I will now have the opportunity to pray at the saints tomb. He was a wonder of missionary zeal and stood in the face of adversity and was able to bring people to the church. I look forward to praying for all of you at his tomb.

I am also looking forward to the rest and catching up on reading. I will also prepare for the Bible Study that I will teach starting in a few weeks on 1st and 2nd Corinthians. Staying current on reading is getting harder and harder but we need to stay current with our theological reading.

So blogging will stop after this post until Thursday or Friday. Please pray for me and I for you.


  1. I hope you enjoy your retreat at St. Tikhon Monastery in South Canaan, Pennsylvania, Fr. Peter.

    I am sure you will find it inspiring to pray at the tomb of one of your favorite American saints, St. Alexis Toth.

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