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If you are a longtime reader of this blog you know that I participated in a protest in the spring that had been organized by the Tea Party folks. I believed then as I believe now that we need to make some changes in the way Washington is doing things. I have now decided that I can no longer participate in events organized by this group. I have a fundamental disagreement with people who try and Make anyone out to be a Nazi or try and compare someone to Hitler. There is no room in my world for people who ave to stoop to this level of protest. I had also decided that after I gave up my radio show I would not make political comments on this blog anymore, however after the Tea Party in Washington and the Congressman’s outburst during the President’s speech I will make some final (ya right) political comments.

Now I know that not everyone who was at the Tea Party is not a hater and I also know that the two pictures I have posted below are just tow of thousands of signs, but they speak volumes. The organizers of such events and everyone who was there needs to distance themselves from the hatred that is being spewed by some of your comrades. Sorry for the use of that word. Here are some photos of signs, again I know that the vast majority of people do not subscribe to the hatred but it has to stop.

Is anyone else bothered by the Nazi references to the President of the United States? I think people need to go back and read their history before they make references to someone who tried to exterminate and entire race of people. Again I know it is not the vast majority of people who attended the Tea Party but those who have need to denounce this kind of hatred and trash! This is not helpful in a discussion.

Now before you jump on me and talk about how the left went after George Bush read back through the blog and find my comments on hatred in general. I do not think hatred toward anyone is healthy. I did not like it when the left attacked President Bush anymore than the way the left is attacking President Obama. I have heard people say that because they (the left) attacked Pres. Bush we (the right) are going to attack Pres Obama. Now that is an adult way to carry on a conversation!

We all need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and stop all of the hate. We definitely need to stop the Nazi references as that is very destructive and monumentally disingenuous to all of those who lost their lives because of what Hitler did. The people who made the signs should be ashamed of themselves and those who do not speak out against it should also be ashamed of themselves. March, yes disagree, yes let your voice be heard, yes but we are a civilized country and all this does is lower the level of debate and what we should be doing is raising the level of debate.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been quoted saying ” Be the change you want to see in the world” If we want the change to be what is displayed in the signs that is great go for it but I don’t think that is what you want. I also believe it discredits what everyone else is trying to do.

Margaret Mead, the American Cultural Anthropologist said, “Never underestimate the power of a small dedicated group of people to change the world-indeed, its the only thing that ever has” We do need change, but what kind of change do we want? Do we want the hate or do we want a great debate on the issues? You Decide!

PS: Hate filled comments and comments that do not advance the discussion will be deleted. If you don’t like this policy then get your own blog and write whatever you want. Haters are not welcome here.

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  1. I agree Father and I might add that because of those signs and the hate that goes with them, it actually makes it much more difficult to debate issues would otherwise be very easy to argue as per the evidence. This makes it easier for the far left to win an argument that cannot be won by logic or evidence or morality. People need to calm down and remember that God is in control of things and if we are to be effective and want to help in God’s plan, we need to be humble and debate in that spirit always and things will become clearer to others by this. Hatred is a BIG turn-off and nobody will listen to a person that is communicating like this..

  2. With respect to political issues, Americans need to have an open forum, so that all sides of an issue can be discussed.

    Hatred and violence are tactics that are usually used by radicals and anarchists, because they know that their viewpoints will not prevail in a democracy.

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