Off Again

Well I am off again on yet another trip. This time I am heading to Rochester, New York for a meeting of the Eastern Deanery of the Romanian Archdiocese.

Several years ago we changed the way we govern things here in the US. My Archdiocese used to gather each year in what we call the Congress. The Congress is the Legislative body of the Archdiocese. We would gather in a different place, usually a church celebrating a big anniversary or the last few years we have been meeting at the Cathedral in Chicago. We would hear a variety of reports and have meetings on various topics. A few years back we changed all of this and now the Congress meets every other year and the year in between we have a deanery gathering.

So this is the time for the gathering. We are heading to Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Rochester and will have a series of meetings with the Archbishop and share fellowship with others from the deanery. The deanery is rather large and covers all of the east coast. not sure how many are making the journey but it should be a good, albeit, fast weekend as we are back in the church on Sunday.

Blogging will be light but you can always follow me on Twitter if you like.

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