Morals and the Public Square

The Bishop Tobin Representative Kennedy battle continues and I think it is good that we are having this discussion. Fr. Z points us to a poll on U.S. New and World Report about the topic of Catholic Politicians and Communion. Not that the church runs on polls I find it very interesting that in all of the polls I have seen most are voting in favor of a ban of some kind.

Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus has written an essay for Zenit entitled Bringing Morals to the Public Square. I have mentioned in these pages before that I believe we have a mandate to bring this country back to the morals that founded upon. We as Christians, have an obligation to preach and teach the truth in love. The Orthodox Church, like the Roman Catholic Church, has absolute positions on moral issues around life. We believe that life is sacred from conception to its natural end and therefore needs to be protected. Anyone that would support abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, etc find themselves outside the church and therefore are not eligible for Communion with the church.

Some asked yesterday about trying to bring people back to the fold. Yes that is our job as well. We need to do whatever we can to bring people back and excommunication should be a last resort. As we have seen the Tobin/Kennedy very public debate on this that Bishop Tobin has tried to bring Rep. Kennedy back to the fold. He has done this in a very pastoral and private way. It was Rep. Kennedy who went public with Bishop Tobin’s letter asking him to refrain from Communion. Note that he was asked to refrain from Communion and was not banned as some in the media would like you to believe.

My good friend Fr. Huw posted today on his blog the following:

THE LEFT Is coming back to Reality-based cynicism in the area of Bushbama. IT’s nice and all, but no politician can provide meaningful hope if the hope is for meaningless, worldly ideas.
Advent continues… there is a real hope.

He is exactly right. Hope does not come from government programs and hand outs. hope will not come any politician I don’t care what side you are on, government cannot bring that hope. Hope comes from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! That is the only place we find our hope! Turn to him and repent, cling to the cross and you will find your hope.
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