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Fr. Z has an interesting conversation going on his blog about online church. I am a big supporter of online stuff and think the Church needs to use the technology to reach out. We used to stream our services from here and then the wireless got all hinky on me so I was not doing it as much. I am thinking about going back to it.

Community is important and I don’t think you can be a Christian and not be in a worshiping community but what if you cannot get to a church service. What about our men and women in the military. There are only 8 Orthodox priests presently serving in the Army and that includes active, reserve, and National Guard. Only 2 serve on active duty. So how to we reach them. We can use the internet and stream our liturgies. It is not hard and we will reach people. Let people know you are doing it and they will tune in.

This does not replace the real thing, but if you cannot get there then at least you have something.

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