Police State

This morning I was reading the local paper, not usually anything worth reading in there, but I came across this story that really got me going, all this before my first cup of coffee!

It would seem that in Templeton, Massachusetts a man has decided to build a small shack if you will on land he says no one owns. He had gone to the proper authorities and researched the land and it appears that no one owns the land. The police chief says the Town owns the land and he has to leave.

I am not a lawyer but how can you trespass on public land isn’t that what public means in public land? He is building his dwelling at 119 square feet because anything over that would require a building permit. So they have given him until Tuesday to move or he will be forced out and his home torn down. I did not know we lived in a police state. Happy Thanksgiving from the Town of Templeton.

I have just sent an email to the police chief and told him that this was not right. If you feel the same way you should email him. policechief@templeton1.org

I respect the police and I understand the hard job they have to do but in this case I think they can come to some kind of solution short of forcing this guy out. The Economy is difficult for everyone and this guy is just trying to survive.
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