Orthodox Scandal

I have written in the Past about bishop Tobin from Rhode Island and his very public scolding of Rep. Patrick Kennedy on his stance on abortion. Bishop Tobin has taken him to task because he continues to support killing of children in America and he considers himself a faithful Catholic. Well that is impossible and the only thing that Rep. Kennedy if faithful at is being a disgrace to Christianity and a fool!

Well it is not just the Catholics that have this problem and David Holford points out on his wonderful blog the fact that we Orthodox have several disgraces of our own. I will quote a little from his article but I would suggest you read the entire piece on his blog and also follow up with his suggestions. Our voice needs to be heard and we need to call the bishops to task for not speaking out against these embarrassing folks who claim to be Orthodox. You cannot be Orthodox and support the killing of children! Sorry folks that’s the truth. If you do not like it become and Episcopalian or some other faith that allows the killing of the innocent.

After seeing an article about the clash over abortion between US Rep. Patrick Kennedy and his diocesan bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, RI, I decided to look into the voting records of the one senator and five representatives who are members of the Orthodox Church. The results are not surprising, but equally as shameful. I almost don’t know where to start.

The teaching of the Orthodox Church concerning abortion is just as clear and just the same as the teaching of the Catholic Church. It doesn’t matter that it is an issue the Ecumenical Patriarch skirts around, perhaps because it takes away from his main job of opening environmentalist conferences and exhibitions. And just like the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church has members who have been elected to public office and act in direct opposition to the Orthodox Christian faith. It is not a matter of what they do in their private lives, for which they should go to confession and after which their priest should happily partake with them of the most precious body and blood.

Rather, it is a matter of what they lead their country to do. They have chosen to take a public stand against the teaching of the Church. They have appropriated the public purse for the killing of unborn children. They have otherwise refused to protect the unborn and directly facilitated those who would kill them.

It is the duty of the diocesan bishops of those members of the Orthodox Church who openly and knowingly pay for, or otherwise facilitate, the killing of the unborn to excommunicate those persons. Any bishop who knows what a Congressperson who claims to be under their spiritual authority is doing in this regard is failing in their responsibilities if they to otherwise.

Any Orthodox bishop, including the Ecumenical Patriarch, who praises or elevates such a person in the Church should be causing a scandal far worse than the misappropriation of funds in the OCA, or a drunk Antiochian touching up girl in a casino. Every clergy and every lay person of such a diocese who cares about the integrity of the Orthodox Church should be writing to their bishop.

Thank you David for saying what needs to be said. I am writing letters today!

h/t AOI Blog

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