The Mundane

It is funny. When you are preparing for ministry you learn all sorts of cool things. Christology, theology, liturgics, pastoral theology and the like. The funny thing is most of the time in ministry you are occupied with the mundane.

Today the parish had a Special General Assembly. The General Assembly is the legislative body of the church. We had some housekeeping things the clear up. The Church was Incorporated in 1924 and the world was a much different place. So we had to revise our Articles of incorporation. We never had a class in seminary about that!

So if you are thinking of ministry for a vocation, let me say it is great by the way, but most of your day will be filled with the mundane. Most of the time I look forward to it.

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  1. I think seminaries need to offer a course in "Church Maintenance" or "Church Financial Operations" in order to alleviate any facilities questions that a priest may need to confront.

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