I am Peter and I am an addict!

Okay there I said it I am addicted to my BlackBerry. I came to that conclusion last night when at about 9 pm my phone stopped working. It could get calls and messages but I could not get the keyboard to work. I took the battery out for the big reset but nothing.

So today after Liturgy I broke one of my own rules and took the phone to the Verizon Wireless Store. Very nice folks there but they told me they did not have a phone to replace mine. I could have gone to Smithfield, Rhode Island, wherever that is, to get a new one or I could wait till Tuesday. Okay waiting until Tuesday was not an option as I was already having withdrawal issues. Like I said I could see that I had messages but I could not read them. I tried to wish the keyboard to work but nothing.

Funny thing is when I made a stink suddenly they had a phone! Not sure where it came from but they guy went in the backroom and came out with the exact phone I had. So about 15 minutes latter I walked out the door with a new phone and I was back in business.

So there it is. I have admitted to the problem now I need to seek help. All in good fun of course.

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