Another Christmas Hating Town in Massachusetts

Well it seems the Grinch is not quite finished with Massachusetts yet. One of the local television news stations is reporting that in the Town of Holliston, Massachusetts the local Fire Dept wants to continue a 70 year tradition by placing a lighted cross on the tower of the station. Well the Grinches on the Town Board of Selectman has said no.

This is a very interesting statement from the story:

Town Manager Paul LeBeau says the policy prohibits religious symbols from being displayed on town property, but not seasonal symbols, such as a menorah in front of town hall. “That’s what the town was advised by a federal judge back in late 2003,” said LeBeau.

Last time I checked there was no such season as Menorah! I believe the Menorah is a religious symbol of the Jewish faith but I could be wrong. Oh but let us no say we cannot put up the Menorah!

Time for the Revolution!

Since the Town has seen fit not to post information on how reach Selectman in Hollisiton here is the Town Administrators Phone number:

Paul LeBeau Town Administrator ~ 508-429-0608

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  1. Honestly, if I were a Jew I'd be more than a little miffed about the town manager calling the Menorah a "seasonal symbol." If the price of displaying crosses and Nativity scenes on public property is to strip them of their meaning, then thanks but no thanks.

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