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This is another post in the One Word at a Time Blog Carnival that has been on going for some months now. It is great to be able to participate and bring the Orthodox Perspective to the conversation. This week the word in Church.

Some time ago a happened to see a sign at a church that read:

CH_ _ CH

What’s Missing?


A very simple reminder that the church needs us and we need the church. The church is a community, a hospital is you will where we work out our salvation. There really is no such thing as an isolated Christian. We need each other!

In the Orthodox Tradition of Christianity we have certain people who are considered hermits. They live a solitary life of work and prayer. But they still come to the main church for worship and share some meals together. Community and Church go hand in hand. I believe you cannot have one with out the other.

We Americans are very independent people and we like to have out space, I include myself in that group. But we also need to be with others. We are no meant to be alone nor should we be.

The danger often arises when the church is not healthy or it is dysfunctional. I would submit that is dysfunctional community and church is still better than not having one.

So find a community and church that can help you work out your salvation and where you can fill in the blanks in your life and the life of the church. You need the church and the church needs you.


  1. God makes us for relationship, first with Him, then with others. We kill off part of ourselves when we avoid relationship and community. Thanks for writing this.

  2. You're absolutely right, a dysfunctional church is better than not having one. When I first attended church, I didn't know of any dysfunction. I was too busy learning about Christ.

  3. I must say I do not think a disfunctional church is a good place to be.Just ask people who have been in cults and abused by their leaders.
    People need to belong to a community,sometimes the new people remind the old the real reason of what church is supose to be about.
    Caring for each other is why we are here,of course getting along,like in most families,can be another story.

  4. Dysfunctional human beings in dysfunctional community…isn't that simply what we all are when we rest only in our humanity rather than rest in Him?

  5. i think that all church groups are dysfunctional and unhealthy to some extent…what i mean is that we all bring in our problems with us when we come. it is pretending that everyting is fine…i think that is the danger.

  6. oh…and also, i wanted to say that your post has a lot of good things to think about.

    we as believers certainly do need the relationship of oneanother.

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