Christmas Displays

For a few weeks I have been looking around for Towns that will not allow Christmas Displays. I have also said I don’t care if you put up something for everyone just don’t make me feel bad I like to celebrate Christmas. If you want to put up a menorah that is fine, something for Kwanzaa, not a problem.

In Little Rock Arkansas a judge has ruled that the display must include free thinkers like Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. I have no problem with this. We get what we want, and they get what they want.

We live in a pluralistic society and although we may not like what other people think or say they have a right to say it. We have the right to respond to what they say but they have the right to say it.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to the folks in Little Rock!

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  1. I stand with you on this one.We need to except every one and has long as we all are accepted then more power to them.
    Arkansas is a nice place and a very big bible belt area,More baptist churches there then you can shake a stick at.

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