1. My husband and I watched this show last night and I must tell you we were outraged.
    True the U.S. should say something but also should all the other large countries like Greece who have power.
    We spend allot of money for something called the U.N. which in my mind is a bunch of elitest who do nothing for the problems of the world.
    We orthodox are not very good at standing up for each other.We are a religion not a nationality and as such need to stand up as a united group and say "it is unexceptable for you to treat our brothers and sisters wrongly.We are orthodox and have a right to denouce your treatment of our fellow churches"
    My question now is what are you and I going to do about this? any one have any ideas?
    This sits on our shoulders too you know,to know something and do nothing when someone is being wronged is not Jesus like and not christian and absolutely not Orthodox…..

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