Proper of Ordinary Weekdays ~ Saturday

Saturday – Dedicated to All Saints

Troparion of All Saints (Tone 2)

O You apostles, martyrs, prophets, hierarchs, righteous one and holy women who have fought the good fight and kept the faith, since you have acquired favor with the Savior, we beseech you to intercede with Him in his goodness that He may save our souls.

Troparion of the Dead (Tone 8)

O Lord in your goodness remember your servants and forgive every sin they have committed in their life, for there is none without sin but Yourself who have power to grant rest to the departed.

Theotokion (Tone 2)

O holy Mother, Mother of the Inexpressible Light, we honor you with angelic hymns and we all exalt you with great devotion.

Kontakion of the Dead (Tone 8)

With the saints, O Lord, grant rest the souls of your servants, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no sighing, but everlasting life.

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