What Next?

Last night Scott Brown did what some thought was impossible. For the first time since the 1950’s a US Senate seat is now in the hands of a Republican. The easy part was getting elected now the hard work begins.

I look at this situation this way. The people who elected him were concerned about the issues and they were willing to take a chance by letting the seat pass to another party. If it does not work out he will be voted out. It is that simple. Senator-Elect Brown has big shoes to fill and only has three years to prove himself before the next election.

Health care was the big issue in this campaign and will continue to be in the future. I am no fan of the present bill nor am I a fan of the way it is being pushed through. Senator-Elect Brown has said he will vote against it, and I hope he does. We do need health reform. We have far too many uninsured people but forcing people to buy health insurance is not the way we should do it. This bill is bad and we need to go back to the drawing board and take our time and do it right.

The election was stunning and I will be watching closely to see the ripple effect this may have. It is now time to get behind our new Senator and give him a chance. Someone said that when Ted Kennedy was elected in 1962 he was not qualified to hold the job and he had to learn. This is the same case here, give him a chance and if you don’t like the job he is doing you have another chance in three years.

On a side note, congratulations to the people of Massachusetts. More than 2 million of you came out to vote in the snow and rain. You let you voice be heard, do not go back on that and stay involved. We have another election this year. Stay informed and participate in the process. It’s your right.

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