Now Back to Haiti

Yesterday, those of us in Massachusetts anyway, turned our attention to another news story other than what is happening in Haiti. Well the election is over and now we need to turn our attention back to Haiti.

This morning another after shock was felt and more damage was done. This will make the job of rescue and recovery more difficult for those who are there working.

We have a tendency to loose site of what is important and forget. We cannot forget what has happened there in Haiti and we must continue to work. I have posted at the top of this page a link to Work Vision. World Vision is a great organization that is working to coordinate the churches response to the crisis in Haiti. You can follow them on Facebook and well as twitter and the information is available from their website.

On the side bar I have a link to IOCC. This is the Orthodox Relief agency and although we do not have a presence in Haiti as of this writing they are working with the partner organizations including World Vision to bring much needed aid to Haiti. If you have not done so already please consider making a donation to one of these organizations.

Continue to pray for all of those in Haiti, those effected by the earthquake and those who are there working.

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