18 February ~ St Colman

Founder of the Abbey and Diocese of Mayo, born in Connacht, c. 605; died 8 August, 676. He became a monk of Iona, and so famous were his virtues and learning, as testified by St. Bede, that on the death of St. Finan, in 661, he was appointed Bishop of Lindisfarne. During his brief episcopacy, the Synod of Whitby was held, in 664, as a result of which (St. Colman being a determined protagonist of the old Irish computation), owing to the decision of King Oswy on the Paschal controversy, he resigned his see. Between the years 665 and 667 St. Colman founded several churches in Scotland, and, at length, accompanied by thirty disciples, sailed for Ireland, settling down at Innisboffin, County Mayo, in 668. Less than three years later he erected an abbey, exclusively for the English monks in Mayo, subsequently known as “Mayo of the Saxons”. His last days were spent on the island of Innisboffin.

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  1. In our petitions today of St. Colman, we might ask him to pray to Christ our God for all Orthodox Christians in the Americas today. We are soon to make cooperative changes that will include resignations and realignments of dioceses and metropolia. Colman returned to Iona after resigning his See following the Council of Whitby. He remained in Communion with the Church despite disagreement. He serves as an example of obedience.

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