WH Press Secretary Gibbs (Fool)

Yesterday, I posted about how foolish Sarah Palin looked as she poked fun at the President of the United States during her Tea Party Speech. Well at a press conference White House Press Secretary was equally foolish when he poked fun at Sarah Palin’s crib notes.

Governing is serious business and I do not want my Tax Dollar Funded Federal Employees using the Press Room for stand up comedy. People are living in the streets and eating cat food and this idiot is making fun of someone from the podium in the White House. This is the action of some like Glenn Beck and has no place in the White House. I know Washington is a very political place, but when your chief spokes person makes fun of someone it degrades the office of the President and we as Americans should not stand for such foolishness.

Time for this fool to take a bow and get off the stage!

Watch the video below and be the judge.


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  1. Right on Father!! like Sarah Palin or not she is a private citizen and who is this man to make fun of her.oh well so much for wanting to unit the parties..
    Sec.Gibbs seems to forget he works for us and we the people should be respected,and that includes ex governors.
    One of the things I diagree with with this administration is they make fun of those they do not agree with.
    Sec. Gibbs needs to either stop acting like a high school freshman or step down.He is not funny…

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