Come and See

As many of you know, I am a little bit of a Twitter fanatic. I like to post things that I am doing, like watching TV or baking bread. Things like that. I also forward Tweets from people that I follow. I follow all sorts of people from politicians to TV people to clergy of all walks of life. I think we can learn from anyone regardless of what Church they belong too.

Now I know that some of the Orthodox folks who read this do not think we Orthodox need to do any other Evangelization then open the doors of the Church. Well, how’s that workin for ya? Jesus told us to go forth, not sit in the church. Ok with that in mind I posted this Tweet yesterday:

25 percent of unchurched people said they would attend a church service tomorrow if someone would simply invite them…let’s go for it!

Nothing replaces the personal invitation. We need to ask people to come to church. Yes some might come because they see the church or they are looking. But if you ask someone that is personal and that’s what folks need.

When Jesus began His ministry, He did not sit under a tree and wait for people to show up. He asked his Apostles to come and follow Him and the ones He did not ask Himself one of the others did. So by asking people to come to church we are following the example of Christ by asking people simply to come and see. Yes there is no greater Evangelical tool then the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church. You want to get to know us, come and see us, but they have to come in order to see. They have to be there to be able to hear the word. If no one asks, they will not come.

We have no problem telling someone about a great place to eat or asking people to come to a fund raiser at the church, but ask them to come to Liturgy…

Come and see!

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