The Adventure Begins

I have to go to Chicago for a board meeting of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship. The OCF is the campus ministry organization of the Orthodox Church and I serve as my Diocese Representative on the board. I also do not like to fly in fact I am petrified of the entire experience so I have chosen to take the train. You lucky readers get to enjoy the journey with me.

Wireless is only available in the station although I have my blackberry hooked up to act as a wireless device so we will have to check that out along the way.

It is now 9:25am and I am in the station on Route 128 in Boston. Business class seat to NYC and then the sleeper to Chicago. I was going to do the entire thing coach but I decided to upgrade to the sleeper. I am sure my colleagues in Chicago will be glad I did as I am not to pleasant to be around if I do not get much sleep. So the train leaves at 9:50am and will arrive in NYC around 1:50pm. Watch for updates.

UPDATE: 3:40pm ~ I am in my compartment, although I will have to leave it to change my mind… LOL Not bad. Nice trip to NYC from Boston and a quick lunch at TGI Fridays. Saw some nice landscapes along the way but I did some reading and I did nap a little, just a little.

UPDATE 6:50pm ~ Train has been stopped in Albany for about half an hour. This is where it meets up with the train from Boston. Because I did not get the sleeper from Boston I am now at the back of this train. That’s okay I am right next to the dining car and my meal reservation is at 7:30. Not sure what is on the menu.

Had an interesting conversation with the conductor. It seems that ridership is up and they have had to add more cars to the trains. He said February and March are usually low times in the train service but it has been great so far this year. Maybe we are seeing a resurgence in train travel. If you have the time this is the way to go for sure. I do not feel like I am cattle stuck into a seat and having to pay for everything.

So far the BlackBerry is working fine as a wireless device so updates will continue.

UPDATE 7:00pm ~ I forgot to mention that when I got on board, that what we say on the train, on board, the attendant asked me what time I would like to be awakened in the morning and if I wanted coffee! I could get used to this…

UPDATE 9:05pm ~ So I had my meal. Nice half chicken and some delightful conversation with my table mates. Each table seats 4 so if you are alone will have company. I then walked the 40 miles or so to the bar car for a little drink. I had to walk through coach to get there and I am so glad I took the upgrade, does not look like fun in there!

So I am somewhere between Utica and Syracuse, NY and I am thinking about trying to get some sleep. It has been along day and in about 12 hours I will be in Chicago. I have left a wake up call for 6:00am, breakfast and 7:00am then more train riding. I get in at 9:40am Chicago time tomorrow.

I might get one more update in before bed but if I don’t have good night and happy trails!

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