Train Journey ~ Day 2

As the sun was rising over western Ohio I made my way to the Dining car for breakfast. Not as great as the dinner I had last night but it was still a good take none the less.

I am on what is called the Lakeshore Limited train with service from NYC/Boston to Chicago. This train follows the route of some very early trains in the history of rail travel. If you are interested here is a Wikipedia Article on the LSL.

I have to say that this trip hearkens back to the lay back days of long ago when we were not in a supersonic hurry to get somewhere. This is a leisurely trip through some of the best country I have ever seen. Time to read and reflect, have a nice meal, meet some new people, rest, relax, and all of that. We seem to want to hurry up and get somewhere so we can hurry up and go somewhere else.

I had dinner with a couple from Vermont last night and last year they went from Boston to Seattle and back again on the train. They had a wonderful time. Maybe I should put that on the schedule for next year. Take about four days and they said the trip through the Rockies was spectacular.

Slow down and enjoy life.

More latter…

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