National Day of Prayer

This past week, a Federal Judge in Wisconsin ruled that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional based on the Establishment Clause. I could care less to tell you the truth.

I have never been a big fan of organized days like this because everyday should be a National Day of Prayer and we do not need a law or a ruling from a judge to tell us that. All this day was, was a time for the politicians to meet with selected religious leaders, have a meal, and say a prayer. It was more of a time for the religious leaders to lobby the politicians than anything.

Some people see this as another nail in the religious coffin in this country and I say we have freedom of religion in this country, and that means we also have freedom from religion in this country. I have a real problem with government sponsored prayer. I have a problem with the fact that the House of Representatives and the US Senate have chaplains. (Who are paid quit well the by the way). This should not be the case.

Until 1952 we did not feel we needed a law to tell us we needed to pray for the Country. The National Day of Prayer was founded to pray for our victory over the godless Communists. Well, they are gone and I don’t think we need this particular law anymore.

St. Paul tells us that we are to pray always and everywhere. St. Escriva the founder of the Opus Dei said we are to sanctify the ordinary. Part of the monastic ethos is prayer and work. And these things have been going on since the foundation of the Christian Church. Muslims and Jews pray three times a day. Why do we need a law to tell us to pray.

We have far bigger things to worry about in this world of ours than weather or not we have a national day of prayer.

To steal the line from Nike, “Just Do It!” So that should be our mantra, “Prayer, Just Do It!”


  1. Every time the goverment anounces in any form that prayer is unconstitutional then we lose a little more respect as christian.
    I could care less if the goverment does not want a day to pray.I do care when a judge tells the whole country this is not a worthy thing.
    If religious groups wanted to amke this truely a day of prayer they would call all people together in every town and pray.
    Its not the religous who need to be introduced to prayer its the unchurched who need to know by us that this is something important.
    Turn your back on oppurtunites to reach the world and soon you will have no oppurtunites.
    If you don't think this country is becoming anti Christian and anti religious then think again.
    You don't loose your rights in great leaps you loose them in tiny steps until its to late to get them back and there all gone.linda

  2. Linda,

    If you read her decision that is not what she is saying at all in fact she makes the point that prayer is worthy just that government should not be sponsoring it.

    I agree with her on that point.

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