South Park

I am not what one would call a fan of the show but I do watch it from time to time. They always seem to offend everyone, not just one group but all groups. They have done shows on Homosexuality, Mormons, Scientologists (the funniest episode to date I think) and of course Christians. Recently the producers and creators planned to air a show critical of Islam and especially the Prophet Mohamed.

As would one imagine the Muslim world went crazy and they threatened the producers with death if the show aired. When the show aired it was censored. So my question is this. If the Muslims go crazy, and rightfully so by the way, why don’t we Christians rise up and complain when they poke fun at Christians?

For far too long we Christians have sat by and watched our faith get made fun of. Some often say they would never do this to Jews or Muslims and that is correct because when it happens they go crazy! We have many crazy Christians in this world and we need to unleash them when things like this happens. We need to stop laying down and taking it and rise up and fight.

Some have said the world does not respect the message of the Christian Church, well let’s get that respect back! Part of the problem is we are wishy washy on what we believe and what we teach. I am Orthodox and the Orthodox Church believes certain things about certain things and I preach the truth, as unpopular as that has become.

Hell and Satan to exists and sin is real in this world.

Christians rise up and reclaim your faith! Stop laying down and being a doormat.


  1. Good for you,preach it brother (father).
    We as christians are so afraid that if we speak up we will be considered "Holy Rollers and nuts".
    We'll sometimes you have to step away from your personal feelings and fears and do what is right.
    No one said being a christian was easy and yes I know that some people in the faith are a little to crazy but maybe thats because the rest of us are to sane.

  2. Being Jewish, I must say that I think you're wrong. I think when it comes to holidays in schools, we are overly sensitive because we're talking about children. But South Park, has made fun of Jews just as much if not more than they have made of Christians. The number of times Cartman calls Kyle a "dirty Jew" each episode should attest to that. I take pride that Matt Stone (a Jewish man) does not take himself so seriously that he can't make fun of himself. Humor is a necessity in life.

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