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As you can see, or not, I have removed a post from this blog. This is the first time I have done this since I started this blog. It has caused people to spew hate towards me and threaten me two times to turn me into my bishop for the things that I write. I even had someone on Facebook say that I should be defrocked, whatever that is, or should go and join the Episcopalians. WOW, I have never been faced with such hate before. The funny thing is most of the comments have come from people in the Orthodox Church, I am glad respect is still being taught to people who come into the Orthodox Church! Just because I am a priest does not mean I do not think, and I believe what I wrote was in line with Orthodox Theology or I would not have written it. In our Archdiocese we encourage thinking and dialogue on issues we are not all cookie cutters and I am glad for that. Out of discussion and discourse comes understanding. Calling someone a Nazi or a Communist does not advance understanding at all, it is just simply childish. It is easier then academic discourse because you do not have to think about it.
But because it caused some to stumble I have removed it and I will beg the forgiveness of those who found it objectionable. It was not my intent to offend only to have a conversation, but I guess it is not possible for some to have that conversation. Passion is a great thing, hey passion led us to be a country and that is great and I applaud that, but passion that lowers itself to name calling is just plain silly. So I beg your forgiveness if I offended or hurt you in any way.

I only ask that we can have civil discourse. Where has that gone? It used to be that we could have a discussion about an issue and disagree and that would be that but now we have to call each other Nazi and Communist if we do not agree or this one is a liberal or that one is a conservative. Where has civility gone?

I hope we find it because if we don’t we are doomed.


  1. "It used to be that we could have a discussion about an issue and disagree and that would be that but now we have to call each other Nazi and Communist if we do not agree or this one is a liberal or that one is a conservative. Where has civility gone?"

    Where DID it go? With all due respect, the cartoon you posted compared an Arizona police officer enforcing an Arizona law (which mirrors federal law) with Nazis. Who's calling whom a Nazi again?

  2. I buy the use of exaggeration to make a point; if it is taken out of our arsenal for the sake of PC/not hurting people's feelings/not evoking outrage, then discourse will be handicapped for it.

    As I noted, because the cartoon was so extreme, and because I know and trust you (as a priest, committed Orthodox Christian, and a friend), it caused me to look into the issue further.

    I am the better man for it. Would that all "internet discourses" were built on the basic assumption of the humanity, love, compassion, and friendship of those engaged in it.

    Keep up the good work, Fr. P; especially when you challenge me to go deeper!

    -fr anthony

    PS And God bless you for your witness of humility, too.

  3. Over at Karen Howes blog, you made the statement, "Why is it that when someone wants to protect people and stand up for them it is seen a lefty, why is it not seen as something that Jesus would indeed do himself."

    The answer to that seems pretty simple. Jesus never did advocate law breaking as a means of getting ahead. Yes, His disciples gather grain from the fields on the Sabbath, but that was as a means of satisfying an immediate personal need, not seeking long term advancement.

    The immigrants streaming across the southern border of the US are carrying drugs, they are smuggling people, they coming to take jobs that rightfully belong to Americans, and they are an invading army even though they wear no uniforms. They bring diseases, violence, a complete disrespect for the law, and an attitude that says that the American southwest actually belongs to mexico, despite the cash payments and treaties of the 19th century. They commit all manner of violence against the citizens of the US including murder, rape, and kidnapping and they completely overload the social services such as schools, hospital ERs, etc. The ones that stay do not learn English but remain spanish only into the 3rd and 4th generations, and they are pushing to separate the American southwest (Aztlan as they call it) from the rest of the US and return it to mexico. Thus they are disloyal to the US, and they often send much of the money they earn back to mexico, often having worked for cash to avoid all payment of taxes. Jesus would not be standing there protecting these people. Remember Jesus in the Temple, driving out the money changers?

    The new Arizona law is exactly like the existing federal law that has so long be unenforced. All this does is to authorize the state police agencies to enforce the federal law. Why should anyone object to that?

    A nation that has no border is no nation. We are fast approaching that condition if we have not gotten there already.

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