Ronnie Lee Gardner

You may not have heard of this man before reading this post, neither did I until he made the news recently. He is scheduled to be executed by firing squad in Utah at 2:00am on June 18th. I did not even know that this was possible in the US anymore. Another surprising thing is he chose this form of execution as is the case in Utah. Oklahoma is the only other state that executes by firing squad.

As an Orthodox Christian I find the death penalty an abomination. A civilized nation does not need to execute people anymore. We have the ability to keep people incarcerated for life and regardless of what people think,the death penalty is not a deterrent for killing. I cannot imagine someone about to kill someone stopping and saying, oh wait, I might get the death penalty. All of us were created in the image and likeness of God and have the divine spark that goes along with our creation. We do not have the right to end a life at any stage of its development. From conception to it NATURAL end we say.

I also cannot believe it is a very full proof way of executing someone. What if they all miss? I read somewhere that they only get one shot, no pun intended, at you. If they fail your done, back to your cell for the rest of your life.

The Supreme Court of the USA has denied his stay so he will face the squad at 2am. He is a convicted murderer and needs to pay for his crime. Killing him is another crime. Pray for him, for the his family, for the family of his victim and pray for those who will carry out the order to murder him on our behalf.

Justice yes, vengeance no.


  1. You position is one that considers human life sacred. While I consider nothing sacred, I believe it is unnecessary to give anyone the death penalty unless they truly want it. Yes, some men chose death. Abortions for incest/rape/deformity purposes are fine with me. Hope you're weathering the scandals well!

  2. From what I understand this is what this convicted person chose as his way of death.
    I'm not into the death penalty as long as the person gets "life in prison" for real.
    I'm sure being in prison is not a great way to live.linda

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