It seems there is a growing tendency in America that we can say whatever we want as long as we issue an apology afterwards. I am not sure that works. My feeling is once the words are out there it is very hard to take them back. Words can be more hurtful than a sword, so we always need to be careful what we have to say, but it seems that we go for the quick laugh or punch and then we back off and apologise.

The other day, during the hearings in Congress over the BP oil spill, Representative Joseph Barton of Texas apologised to a BP executive for the government “shake down” the president used on him to squeeze the 20 billion out of BP for the oil spill. Okay this was not met well on either side of Congress and and people on both sides came out almost right away and distance themselves from his words. So an apology was issued by the Congressman’s office and I guess that is that. But is it?

Can we really take back the things we say? Can we really blast someone and then say oh by the way I am sorry? I think not. If you believe what you say stand up for it, don’t back down. If this Congressman believes that the government “shook” this guy down say it and stand up for it. But no we go for the cheap shot and then back away.

When I was in the Army there was this theory that if you began a slam with the words, “with all due respect” you could then say anything to the person rank or no rank. I am not so sure this is true.

yes we have freedom of speech, but with that freedom come a great responsibility. The political rhetoric on both sides has lowered to that of a school yard, well the school yard is a little better I think. Gone are the days of great debate on issues it has all come down to name calling. That is not helpful.

To quote from one of my favorite movies, The American President, American is advanced citizenship and we need serious people. Yes we do need serious people at all levels of government.

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  1. I think that whole hearing in congress was a shameful act.
    I never like watching things were people are riped apart by elected officals,who are no saints in their own right.
    Lets work at getting this mess in the gulf straightened out then worry about whose to blame later.
    This whole thing looks of desperation. linda

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