Spelling Counts

In Massachusetts we have several Constitutional Officers elected every four years.  Auditor is one of those positions although I cannot for the life of me think of why we elect this position.  Anyway, there is quite a fight going on.  Auditor is the guy that is responsible to check, very carefully, what others are doing with the States money so I would say being a detail oriented person is important.  As Labor Day approaches the campaigns are in full swing as we make our way to the primary.  One of those candidates, Worcester County Sheriff Guy Glodis, sent out the flier below.  Notice anything wrong?


  1. I guess he thinks he's king since he wants to "reign" rather then "rein" in spending.
    Seems he hasn't spent much time around horses.

  2. By insisting on correct spelling you're being very politically incorrect.

    At least he didn't say "rain" as in "God's glory will rain in wasteful spending".

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