Carbon Monoxide

Happy New Year! 

Now that the holidays are over I hope to resume regular blogging.  I will begin however with a very sad topic, death.

Over the New Year weekend I heard of a friend of the family who died in Vermont due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  I am not sure of all of the details but it was either the refrigerator or the furnace that malfunctioned and killed one and sent the entire family to hospital.  The wife of the man who died was taken to Boston and placed in a hyperbaric (sp?) chamber to reduce the effects.  There was no carbon monoxide detector present in the home!

Several years ago Massachusetts passed Nicole’s Law that makes it mandatory to install carbon monoxide detectors in all homes in Massachusetts.  They cost less than $50 and take about 20 minutes to install.  Less if you get the one that plugs in.  This small device, that looks like a smoke detector, can save your life!  I would suggest if this home in Vermont had one, the family might be a little sick but they would all be alive today.

Weather you live in Massachusetts or not, take the time TODAY to go and get yourself one of these detectors.  Place it outside the bedrooms in your house and it will keep you alive.  In Massachusetts they need to be hard wired or plugged in with a batter back up.  You should also change the batteries in all of your detectors twice a year, when we set the clocks back and forward.  If you have not done that, then TODAY is the day to get some batteries and JUST DO IT!  These things will save your life.

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