Great Lent

I will admit, I love this time of the year.  I am not sure it is becasue I think the services of this time of the church year are the most beautiful or because I know that Spring is just around the corner.  We had a little glimps of that on Sunday as I noticed the crocus starting to push their way through the snow.  Hope springs eternal!
Last night it was my intention to head on over the St. Spyridon Cathedral in Worcester for the Compline service but it seems the temperature dropped rather quickly and all that rain we had yesterday turned the roads into an ice rink.  Not a good feeling, so I turned around and headed back home.  Trust I was praying more on the ride home then I would have at Compline!  I do wish I was able to attend, it is a beautiful service.

Lent is a time for change and a time for us to slow down in an other wise busy world.  Lent is a time of the year that should be different then the rest of the year.  Take time to read more, pray more, perhaps come to the services in the Church.  Don’t fret about the rules of Lent just do it.  If you have never done the fast before start off slow and work up the idea is to do something.  Eat less, pray more!  That should be the theme for Lent this year.

We are trying something new here at St. Michael this year.  For years I have wanted the men in the Church to get more spirituality into their lives.  So this year I am starting a Bible Study for the men of the Church.  We will gather on Saturday morning (I proposed 6:30am) at 8:00am for an hour of study and fellowship.  Not sure where we are goingt to start but I am working on that.  We also have our usual mid week Presanctified Liturgies, another beautiful service, and that will continue until Holy Week.

Sorry bloggin has been light but I am still working at the Fire Department and that is taking more of my time that I would have guessed when I started but it is very interesting, more on that when I am finished.

So as we begin our journey, please pray for me and I for you.

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