Situation in Libya

By now I am sure you have all heard of the US and other countries actions in Libya.  Just this morning we learned of the first US plane that has crashed in Libya.  By all reports the pilots are both fine and have been rescued this indeed is good news.  Let me state right up front that I support our military at all times and pray for them each day.

With that said I have to object to this present action that we have taken in Libya for several reasons and I would be interested in your thoughts as well as we all try and come to terms with this.

One of my objections is the way this has all gone down.  A group of rebels, and agree with them or not they are rebels rising up against the government of their country.  A group of rebels asked the UN to intervene in Libya.  What would happen if a group of rebels in the US asked for the UN to intervene because they felt the government was oppressive to them.  What would happen if French planes started to fly over our skies and enforce a “no fly” over Boston, New York, LA, or any other city.  What would happen?  It could happen and that makes me nervous.  I agree with democracy and freedom and we need to support that freedom wherever it is springing forth but actions have consequences and I am not sure we have thought this through.

People have talked about the humanitarian need for this mission.  The government of Libya is killing it citizens.  Yes this is horrible and needs to end, but I have to ask where were the planes and bombs when Iran went crazy, where are the planes and the bombs in the Sudan or other African countries that are doing the same, if not worse?  Where are the planes in South America to free those oppressed people?  If we are going to be the worlds cops then we need to be the worlds cops and not just when it fits into our strategic plan.

Also have an objection because the President did not seek congressional approval.  As much as I disagreed with the invading Iraq, President Bush sought approval of Congress.  Congress represents the people, us, and our voice was not heard in this debate, actually I have to ask what debate.  President Obama promised open, honest debate on issues and I have been let down, once again, by my President.

I pray for the people of Libya and for our troops and I pray for the President and ask that this ends quickly and all our troops come home safe.

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  1. I agree 100% with you.i don't like this whole no fly zone idea and i don't like this whole side stepping congress to go join with the un then going off to rio..
    this area is a powder keg and do we need to get wrapped up in this mess,which may keep us there for years..
    when do we join and when do we not join..this is a mess..
    if you side with a goverment and want to remove its leader,even if you say you don't want to,this is not good.
    we should not be 911 to the world,especially when they keep saying they hate americans.
    we need to help when asked and only for humanitarian reasons.
    when you put our military at risk you need to have a good reson and clear objection for asking them to possibly give up their lives.

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